Goya Exhibition Flyer, design Adria Chilcote

Goya Exhibition Flyer


Instituto Cervantes Berlin and I worked together on graphic design projects over 5 years. Shown here is a brochure for an exhibition that presents Goya as a precursor of photojournalism by presenting his series of etchings, The Disasters of War (Spanish: Los desastres de la guerra), along side war photographs of later times from such photographers as Robert Capa and David Seymour.

Instituto Cervantes is a not for profit organization created by the Spanish government in 1991. Its mission is to promote the Spanish language and to contribute to the advancement of the cultures of all Spanish speaking countries and communities. The organization has branched out in over 20 different countries with 54 centres devoted to the Spanish and Hispanic American culture and Spanish Language.

Inside spread of a Goya exhibition tri-fold brochure