Adria Chilcote

About me

I am an artist and designer. I am a potter who plays around with the title Ceramic Artist. I do ceramics; I make pots. I am a graphic designer who’s main tools are language, words and typography. I am motivated by communication, the spread of ideas and providing access to information.

Sometimes I use design to document, sometimes to urge people to action. Design to get people’s attention and design to fall into the background, almost invisible. I’m usually drawn to using design to amplify other’s voices. Sometimes I work on my own projects, sometimes I work with clients. It is deeply satisfying to be able to use my skills to help others succeed, or to see that something I made helped bring people together.

I am both old and new to ceramics. I spent 10 years, off and on, making ceramics as a teenager and young adult. Then I started doing graphic design and all of a sudden it was 16 years since I’d touched clay. In early 2019 I took a break from my career in graphic design, back to pottery. I thought I would just play around a bit. But I can’t stop. I feel compelled to make pots.

At this time I am finding a way to balance these two areas of making. They fall into very different categories: domestic and public, two dimensional and three, ephemeral and more permanent, digital and physical. I continue to be interested in freelance projects with independent publishers, non-profits, social justice activists and artists. I am especially interested in projects that help preserve our fragile democracy and fight white supremacy.


About the Ceramics shop

All orders will take 3-7 days to ship.

Commissions can take anywhere from 3-5 weeks to be ready to ship. It takes a while to make enough work to fill up a kiln and fire it twice!

About returns, wouldn’t that be disappointing. If you must return something, I would ask you to pay the shipping and I will refund you the rest.

If you need something shipped internationally, contact me. We can try to work something out.