Adria Chilcote

About me

My name is Adria Chilcote. I am both old and new to ceramics. With a few breaks here and there, I spent 10 years making ceramics as a teenager and young adult. Then I studied graphic design and all of a sudden it was 16 years since I’d touched clay. In early 2019 I ran away from my career in graphic design, back to pottery. I thought I would just play around a bit. But I can’t stop. I feel compelled to make pots.

With the support of a ceramic fellowship at the LUX Center for the Arts (and the community of ceramic artists working there) in Lincoln, Nebraska, I have been fervently trying as many decoration techniques and materials as I can. Throwing on the potter’s wheel is something I can’t stop doing and is fulfilling to me in a way no other activity is. Surface design, though…oh, surface design, how you challenge me. This is truly a universe with no end. I feel I’m getting closer to settling down and making a coherent line of work, but there are still too many techniques I haven’t tried yet, too many forms I haven’t thrown, too many ideas I haven’t flushed out. I’m still sketching and learning.

About the shop

All orders will take 3-7 days to ship.

Commissions can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to be ready to ship. It takes a while to make enough work to fill up a kiln and fire it twice!

About returns, wouldn’t that be disappointing. If you must return something, I would ask you to pay the shipping and I will refund you the rest.

If you need something shipped internationally, contact me. We can try to work something out.

I’m sure there are plenty of things I haven’t covered here. This is only the beginning. To new beginnings!