final Sync Opp logo with tagline and app icon

Sync Opp logo


Sync Opp is a new online platform that connects professionals in various stages of their careers with people seeking career advice. It aims to create mutually beneficial networks of professionals. I created their logo and app icon. Presented below are snapshots from my design process for this project.

Sync Opp logo sketches with arrows


I started out looking at a direct way to show connecting, or syncing up—arrows.

Sync Opp logo sketches with speech bubbles

A main feature of the platform is people making connections through virtual or in-person meetings, where people actually speak with one another. Above are some early sketches utilizing speech bubbles and arrows to highlight the idea of connecting through speech.

Sync Opp logotype in white on black background

As I continued to design, I wanted to use the letters of the words “Sync Opp” themselves to show this essential function of the platform of making connections. I started with a font flush with ligatures and alternate characters, Ponsi Rounded Slab. After exploring all the alternate characters in the font, I picked some letters to work with and began altering the font to create literal connections between those letters. My thought was to create a network of letters, but still simple enough for a logo.

Sync Opp logotype in black on white background
Sync Opp logo sketches with logotype and speech bubbles with arrows

Here I’ve brought together the speech bubbles and arrows with the logotype. Also shown are some rough examples of other possible design architecture that could be a start for the website design or any other materials needed.

Sync Opp logo sketches with network of lines

In looking everything over with my client, she asked me to flush out the idea of a network through more connecting lines combined with the logotype. This is also when I started looking at how the logo could reduce down into an app icon (below).

Sync Opp app icon sketches
Sync Opp logo with tagline type studies

Here is a start of looking at how a tagline could be incorporated and what font that would be in.

simplified Sync Opp logo sketches with tagline

After looking at the network of lines with the logotype, my client and I decided that the type itself communicated the idea of a network and simplified the logo by removing the lines. We also brought in a circle to hold the type.

Sync Opp logo color studies

Next came some color studies after my client decided to go with a dark blue.

Sync Opp app icon sketches

Above are some rough app icon studies. After exploring different options, I came back to the idea of arrows by deconstructing the letter S in “Sync”. Those pieces of the letter S, paired with the word “Opp” became the icon design.

final Sync Opp logo with tagline and app icon

Here, again, is the final color logo with tagline and the final app icon.