Inklusion & Exklusion Lecture Series flyer and poster

Inklusion & Exklusion Lecture Series


A rough translation for the title and description of this event is, “Inclusion & Exclusion, a year long series on the intersections of disability, being a woman (trans inclusive) and homosexuality.” The slogan is “BARRIERS AWAY!”

Flyer front

The icons used on the cover of the program are about representation, activism, sexuality, gender, access and communication. With an eye on accessibility, the type in the folded program is kept large. In thinking about differences in people, I decided to make one letter in the headlines different from expected: the letter g is consistently shifted up from the baseline.

Open flyer
Opening the flyer again
The whole flyer open, A3 size
The back of the flyer.
Full poster, A3 size.

Originally I was tasked with making a flyer to promote the series. In the end I also quickly laid out the whole program on an A3 sized poster. The title area in the poster uses the cover of the program to size.

Close up of both the flyer and poster.