Geometric Exclamation Covered Jar

I could pick up this lid and put it back on all day long. The weight and the fit are so satisfying. Another thing I love about this jar is the way the design came about. I create paper stencils to apply these types of designs onto un-fired pots. This triangle and circle design is a variation on other triangle/circle designs I’ve done.  To cut the triangles here, I folded a piece of paper, the same way as for making paper dolls. After cutting out the triangles I noticed that the scraps, the paper they’d been cut out of, were some very nice shapes themselves. The paper scraps became what you see here as the white shapes, making the two layers of shapes naturally echo each other.


Black stoneware clay
Handmade on the potter’s wheel
Geometric stenciled designs
White and blue underglaze
Glossy clear glaze inside, unglazed outside
Food, microwave and dishwasher safe
(Hand washing recommended)

Height with lid: 7.5″
Width at rim: 4.75″


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